Todres Leadership Counsel  

President of Todres Leadership Counsel, has a wealth of leadership experience and creative ideas to share with organizations, their executives, and boards of directors who are looking for advice and support that is out of the ordinary.

“Whether you are in private business or public policy, the key challenges involve engaging others – in constructive dialogue to resolve difficult issues or developing strategies to achieve important goals.” says Elaine.

“Solutions often begin with building or rebuilding relationships of mutual trust and respect among board members, between boards and senior management, between different organizations and interests, or between organizations and their partners, clients and stakeholders.”

This process may require clarifying responsibilities, developing consensus, setting directions, and strengthening problem-solving capacities.

Supporting the process takes a special kind of talent, expertise and personality.

“I have spent more than 20 years honing my leadership skills. I understand the job of a CEO and the role of a Board of Directors, having sat in both chairs myself. I have worked in government at the highest levels and dealt with many government agencies.”

“I can help organizations see their way through tough issues because I have had my share.”